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What are Neuromas?

Neuromas are benign growths of nerve tissue most frequently involving the third and fourth toes, but can affect the other toes as well. Some factors attributed to neuromas include:

  • improper shoes
  • injuries and trauma
  • inflammatory conditions such as arthritis

Because of wearing high-heeled shoes, females are often afflicted with neuromas.

Pain, numbness and/or burning are felt in the foot affected by a neuroma. Diagnosis is based on a physical examination and diagnostic procedures, as well as a review of the patient's symptoms.

Dealing With Neuromas

Removing the shoe, resting and massaging the foot may relieve the symptoms. If the pain intensifies at night, the neuroma may be getting worse and a podiatric surgeon should be consulted.

Early diagnosis of a neuroma can prevent the problem from worsening. Treatments include:

  • Shoe inserts
  • Injections and padding
  • Surgery (for advanced cases)