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Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown Toenails 101

A toenail becomes ingrown when the corner of the toenail painfully digs into the skin of the toe. Common causes include: improper nail trimming, injuries and trauma, shoe pressure, fungus infection, heredity and weak foot structure. Ingrown toenails may also be accompanied by other toe disorders, such as excess tissue or bone overgrowth.

Symptoms of an ingrown toenail are: pain, redness, swelling and infection.

Dealing With Ingrown Toenails

To prevent ingrown toenails, regularly trim toenails straight across and wear proper shoes, with low to moderate heels.

To relieve pain, soak toe in warm, soapy water on a frequent basis. If this does not relieve the pain and discomfort, a podiatrist should be consulted. Professional care may include surgery to ease the pain or removal the toenail.